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The 6 Critical Contractor Documents

In this episode, Jd takes you through some important documents that you should have ready when you hire a contractor for your newest rehab from start to finish.

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Subpar Construction & Customer Under Appreciation 101

New investor, Richard Esajian meets with Subpar Construction contractor, J. Holmes, at his project in San Diego. Meeting & prescreening contractors is a critical part to building a successful real estate investing business. J. Holmes is a good example of a contractor you should clearly avoid…unless you need an expert in Filet of Fish sandwiches or proper quantities of tartar sauce.

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Setting the Tone With Your Contractors

As a real estate investor, you have to set the tone of the relationship with your contractors right away. JD gives us the correct way to approach contractors and what exactly to say to them in his 1 minute contractor elevator pitch so that you get the relationship off to the right start.

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The Black Hole of Renovations

JD gets in over his head…literally, as he shows an advanced foundation repair, in progress, at another CT Homes project. He explains why licensed, mature contractors are an absolute must when dealing with big jobs like this one. Foundations is not the type of job where you can cut corners. There is a right way to do foundation repairs. Anything outside of the right way will create delays and problems for your project.

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Finding and Pre-screening Contractors

JD Esajian discusses how to find and prescreen contractors. What are the tell-tale signs of a contractor? Is this someone you can trust?

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