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Raising Money

In this episode of FBTV, JD Esajian from A&E’s “Flip This House” goes through a couple of the different funding options for your real estate project and some ways that you can start utilizing these options.

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Raising Money 101

In this episode, JD Esajian discusses how you can rise money for your deals. We take a look at the difference between private money and hard money, and how you can leverage other peoples money to complete your deals.

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Money, Cash, Mooolah, Paper, Greenbacks – Whatever You Call it…Here is Where to Find It!

1) Little known secrets on where and how to find sources for money
2) What type of funding is best for your real estate deals
3) Why Private Investor Funds will change the way you do business
4) How to communicate and win over anyone you talk to about lending
5) Why Paul and JD could never share a room as kids growing up but can teach you to dominate when it comes to $MONEY$

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